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The Fight Pt 2



Matthew Deane has continued to expand his physical performance art pieces.

Inspired by the amazing and curious Ushio Shinohara, Matthew Deane covered a wall in more than 500 punches in two hours of workshop.

It was physical / the space felt electric / the loft was humid and the theatre lights let out a familiar burnt smell. 

Mattie Deane pulled his boiler suit on, snapped his red gloves on, safety goggles fixed and lunged two balls of wool (tightened in the middle with fluro green gaff tape)

into large pots of paint. 











Check out Matthew B and Matthew D's Blogs for videos and photos!

Exciting times ahead...






On Thursdays as previously described we have been staging performance art with paint and music.

Matthew Brooker has accompanied us to document and create a film of the process of Matthew Deane’s performances.

These afternoons are fun explorations – an exhilarating experience where we can express what ever it is through energetic paint throwing and experimental soundscapes.

I really enjoy Thursdays ; I have gotten to know Matthew Deane and Matthew Brooker better for it.

They both have a great sense of humour.







Below are photos from Sept 8th workshop and the first film Matthave collaborated on together.


mattie deanemattie deane paint

Matthew Deane preparing for the performance







L-R Matthew Brooker and Matthew Deane




Stills from the Paint Film

P1310611 copy     Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.45.04 am





Film Byte from Matthew Brooker's documentary Paint, audio by Matthew Deane



Paint from Matthew Brooker on Vimeo.

Film by Matthew Brooker
Music by Matthew Deane



When reflecting on my experience as an arts worker in creative ageing there are some realities I have to face.



Dougal and I have been going to Willow for over a month now and in that time we have forged some friendships with the residents.



We enjoy their stories and how they place concepts in the immediate.

Their imagination and strength is always re-inspiring to us as fellow human beings sharing space together.

We are reminded that our time will eventually come to see the world with a life lived.


It is in constant to learn how to navigate these obstacles and challenges. Especially in a society that generally does not have conversations about ageing and all that goes with it in a public domain.

The full realness of the situation is ever present.



Martin has been sort of a lighthouse for us during our workshops.

We have always been able to count on him to engage and contribute to the story telling, the games and the laughter.

As we have found our feet he has always received us with genuine openness and warmth.



Two weeks can change a lot.


He is experiencing some respiratory complications and the changes in his lucidity are a huge contrast to the encounters we have had together in the past.



There are still moments where time freezes and he smiles and shows that he understands I am present with him. This exchange is enough.

But still as a young person learning about ageing in this direct way, (my elders are still alive and active or have passed peacefully in the homes with their families), I have needed to make space for myself to accept these quick changes and to remember that Martin is who he is in the moment.


Not “who” I have built in my memory. 




For the most part, I feel that you are the artistic director of your own life.

There is a saying swilling around on the Internet illustrating perspective; that humanity itself has only been on the planet in the grand scheme of time for 1 minute.



Time Clock copy



Life is precious and we must make the most of it. In whichever way we dream that to be.



So get a hurry on and GOOD LUCK!










Earthquake with Matthew Deane





On Thursdays Matthew Deane and I work together on photography, music and film.

In previous weeks, Mattie would grab the camera and decide a theme and we would explore the CBD together to take photographs.

The first week was the colour red. Mackay CBD always seems to be a construction site, so there was no shortage of red to be found.







The second week we looked at graffiti. Tags, mural, stencil, paste up and sprays of colour. Rebellion.

After Mattie has taken these photos, we return to Crossroad Arts.

Mattie downloads them onto the computer. We have a look at the images, he chooses his favourites.

We print them out and then create a soundtrack together responding to the photographs.

We experiment with eclectic vocal harmonies, percussion and instrumentals. Mattie calls our musical moments BOLEWTOC.

Anyhow, on the 18th of August 2016, Mattie had just arrived and with him he had brought an electronic drum kit. We had just finished setting that up and were printing out some photographs for an extension project.


The computer started moving forward. The printer came alive and was edging closer and closer to us. We looked to one another. Mattie shrugged. It took us a few moments to realize we had just experienced an earth tremor! We went downstairs to make sure the ladies downstairs at the Op Shop were ok.


They were having afternoon tea.

“Did you feel that?” I asked.

“Yes dear we thought it was something you were doing upstairs.”

“Er no, I think that may have been an earth tremor.”

“Well, love it happened. It’s over. There’s nothing to worry about, just head upstairs and continue your work.”

The ladettes seemed unfazed!


Dougal had called and said that some buildings were being evacuated, so Mattie and I took out the camera and went for a walk around the city just in case.

Steve met us on the street. Everybody was talking to one another about where and what had happened to them/


We returned to Crossroad Arts. Set up the lights and laid the printed photographs out.

Pots of paints surrounding.

Mattie Deane put his favourite album on; Neil Diamond.

Rock and Roll.

Mattie threw paint, scratched onto the surface, spread the colours about, blew water on top and climbed ladders to get different effects.

Up in the loft of Crossroad Arts, post earthquake, Mattie Deane, the painter, photographer, experimental musician and performer is making layers upon layers of new work.

The ladies downstairs finishing their afternoon tea with a cool gaze.

It feels like I am witness to an exciting underground happening!


Art --  rain, shake, hail or shine.



Willow, Homefield

How do you feel outside?

“I feel free.”

“The sun is on my face.”

“I want to go to the pub”

“I want to stay here.”

“It reminds me of when we were young, back home.”



We have been going to Willow now for three weeks; we are building a rhythm together.

Stories together. Learning to trust one another and giving space.

We are also learning new things from each other.

At the end of each session we talk about our favourite place to be

Two of the fellas want to go to the pub and have a beer, a XXXX gold or bitter.

A counter meal and a drive up the Eungella range to the spot where you can camp and light a fire.

To sit around the creek and enjoy nature.

The ladies are excited to go on an adventure,– to Garget, Mirani, Bundaberg, Gympie and the coast of NSW.

We start talking about what we would take, what we would wear, the food we’d bring, the esky etc.

As always, we finish the session singing a song together. It is nice knowing that we will catch up tomorrow also.




Enter – music ; responding to stories told and improvising the content into song.

Making eye contact and greeting everybody

Stretching / Mirroring games; asking people to contribute an exercise

Weather permitted; going outside and playing “ONE WORD.”

“One Word” is going around the circle and getting everybody to put one word out there.

The exchange generally gets faster as we go round.

The residents have a large imagination and the creative corners we adventure into are always exciting.


















"Yeah, yeah, yeah"







“Oh that was lovely…it was worth it wasn't it?”

Everyone being present together and on the same level.

Over coming fears

Having fun.

Finding out that the RSL is right next door to Willow.

Going to the pub may not be impossible after all!


“There aint no such thing as impossible.”





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