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20 / 9/16

 Road Tripping

Wahey ! I love a good road trip, particularly when I am in charge of the stereo!

With the outcome date of our Trails project rapidly approaching we thought it would be timely to once again familiarise ourselves with Nebo, meet some residents and start gathering some of the stories surrounding the exhibits in the Nebo Museum.

The girls paved the way, joining me for an early morning jaunt up the range to have a yarn with Diana and Rodney Leggot, a wonderful couple with a passion for local history and a willingness to share their stories.  Nothing better than sitting around a well-loved table, drinking tea and listening to some good county tales whilst the chooks and cockatoos noisily squawk in the back ground.  

The rest of the crew joined us for a second road trip a few days later, there was definitely a buzz of excitement amongst our merry little troupe as we all bundled into the cars (not sure whether this was about the museum or the proposed lunch trip to the Pub!) After a few unscheduled  photo opportunity stops and 1.5 hrs of driving, 3 car loads of crazy Crossroad arts crew arrived in the hot, peaceful and sleepy ( until we arrived) township of Nebo.

For the past few weeks we have been discussing, exploring and developing short improvisations inspired by historical photos of Nebo and central Queensland so it was really fantastic to be in the township and have physical contact with some of the items we have been discussing. The opportunity to be in the environment and smell, feel and hear gave us all a much deeper understanding and sensory awareness of rural life, both past and present. 

On our second trip we were really fortunate to be joined by Pam Hutley a wonderful 3rd generation grazier who had grown up and then brought her own family up on a property outside of Nebo.  She willingly shared her personal memories of many of the museums displays which gave us all a far deeper understanding of rural life and a personal insight into the characters who have helped shape the region. Collectively we marvelled at the huge technological changes that have happened during one life span. Pam spoke of life without power or any communication other than the weekly government mail delivery. The weekly mail delivery not only brought the valuable crates of kerosene, fresh fruit and daily essentials but also tales of life in the outside world and gossip form the neighbouring properties

Of all the things we discussed with Pam what sticks in mind most was her answer to one of Brendon’s and Chris’s interview questions. After explaining how long and hard the days were before any modern conveniences one of the guys asked her if she had the chance would she go back to living that lifestyle. There was not even the slightest of pause, she said “without a doubt”.

The passionate way both the Leggots and Pam spoke of their lives was both moving and inspiring. It’s clearly not the lifestyle for everyone but for those who chose it, our beautiful, hard and sometimes cruel landscape has the ability to etch itself on your soul and create a strong, intimate relationship that weathers the test of time. 



nebo1                                                                                          nebo2

Wahey for Ipads

layers one




Wahey for Ipads

I’ve been loving the opportunity to extend my techy Ipad skills in both my St Francis and Trails Workshops.

The trails team have come leaps and bounds with their imovie editing and documenting skills and I’m loving the opportunity to learn with them. 

This week I started working with residents at St Francis to create story telling digital photo collages, each image gets a little more detailed as together we explore the editing program!. I feel truly privileged to have the time to sit and listen to so many precious memories. 


Music – Sound- Silence

The ‘minor 3rd’ is my new best friend!

Oh my goodness, I have just spent the most fantastic two days learning about how the human brain responds to rhythm, melody and repetition and why music is so essential to have in our daily lives. We all know instinctively that is makes us ‘feel good’- but it’s always great to learn the scientific reasons why!

Can’t wait to incorporate some of these ideas and techniques into my St Francis sessions

Watch this blog space to hear how I go!

 And check out - Allison Davies – www.hmymusicalgoodness 


Weaving and Shadow Play

Over the past few week I have been focussing my most favourite art forms and materials during my Trails and St Francis sessions ‘Bamboo, Shadow play and Weaving’.

 I’ve always been fascinated by shadows and it’s been wonderful to explore and share this passion with the Trails team. We’ve experimented with our bodies and simple Wayang inspired puppets using rear and front projections and old school OHP projectors, loads of fun. The very nature of shadows encourage playfulness and experimentation and some beautiful improvised moments have been created during the sessions.  Every week we collectively grow more cohesive as an ensemble. Our confidence grows as we develop our skills and discover new strengths and talents.   I’m really excited about developing a movement piece incorporating bamboo, cloth and shadows!!




sall wanda





Check out Matthew Brooker's blog for videos!


ST Francis - weaving

Having had a few weeks off from my weekly sessions I decided to ease my way back  in by introducing an art form I  really love to do  ‘ weaving ‘ . So off I went armed with lots of enthusiasm and a few baskets of overflowing colourful threads, yarns.  You can never be sure how a workshop is going to be received, particularly when you’re not familiar with the group of people, so needless to say I was a little bit nervous about how the workshop would go.

Wow, what a fantastic hour! I had nothing to worry about, the residents loved it. The atmosphere was like sitting around my Nanas table having a big ol family get together, with much chatting, smiling and laughter.  It was a total joy watching as many of the residents ‘hand memories’ took over, allowing them to feel relaxed and chat whilst creating.