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30th September 2016

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  Today started off with the 15-20 minutes warm up

which we did some activities such as mirrors, stretching and breathing. I showed my students the art of clapping hands, tapping our feet and mirror work.  We chatted for a bit while waiting for Dance North which would be doing osme dancing and movement. When we got ready to greet the visitors, I met Suzie and Andrea who were the instructors form Dance North. We did some movements which were fun such as massage, stretching and rubbing our bodies to relax.  I then partnered up with Suzie who showed me how to do a dance movement which I have never tried before but it was fun learning some new moves form the ladies who were talented dancers.

  I concentrated on Suzie guding me around the room while we did a dance which started and stopped through the change of music. I knew it was very easy to feel the lady's hands and body while following her moves.

  When the dance north workshop ended, we took a photo of our group which would be remembered and placed on the blog for Crossroad Arts.  

23rd September

Work Reflection for today

  Today got off this morning with Melina, dougal and Autumn discussing the trip to Nebo and ways of getting it done..  Autumn told me that I was going to work on my angel portrait and I also brought my little angle statue to show everyone who thought it was very cute.. 

  Dougal and I then started to work out the solution of getting Gmail working on my phone for sending/receiving emails as well as sending notes directly to the work computer. I explained to Dougal that there was a webpage called which can be accessed through the computer and the internet.. We also moved to the computer and I had to fill out the form which gave me the time to set up my Gmail address. It worked out successfully when I sent an email to autumn and I also received an email in return. We all cheered and danced because we made a huge success.. 

  After lunch, I changed from my casual clothes to the white angel outfit which made me look very cute. Dougal took some photos of me which can be shown on Matthew Dean's mural which will be shown to the public.  While the camera battery was charging, we uploaded some photos of my angel on to the computer and checked them to make sure they re all on the blog...





When I first received my iPhone in 2014, I did not have the opportunity to learn how to use the device until my trip to Ablelink Australia in Melbourne where I was trained in the use of the smartphone which was very new to me.


I also gradually got the hang of using the iPhone and the focus 40 Blue braille display to communicate with sighted people. 

The concept of using the iPhone and the Braille display to transmit messages through a program called Bluetooth and voiceover which converts printed words in to Braille for me to read messages.


It helped me to become very social and open minded to everything because I enjoy meeting and talking with people when I am out and about.


It gives me the opportunity to open up to the world through facebook and some other apps especially music, reading books and texting/messenger. 

NEBO Conversations

(Please note: Brenden communicates with those around him using either hand signing or a braille machine connected to a wifi keyboard and iphone.

The conversations below are verbatim from his device. This technology is portable and allows Brenden to be a part of the conversation where ever he goes.)


Irie: Nebo


Okay what is your favorite part of your childhood on the cattle station?

I didn't go to Lansborogh until I married my husband David 50 years ago.

That is interesting so keep going


Wanda is asking Irie how old were you when you went there?

Irie says she was 39 and prior that I was working at the Boomerang
managing in the hospitality section

So do you enjoy working at the boomerang and what is your favorite part there?

I came from a background of receptionists living at the Ambassador for
6 years. I got the position as part-time manager. When something
happened to the other couple running it I was given the responsibility
of running the house

That is interesting that you have had a great time working there so
what did you do at the boomerang and how long have you worked there
We are having a scone. I have put one on the table on the plate for you


Thanks, my mum's mum was talented in scone making when she lived back
in the 1930's.

I was curious that you have worked at the boomerang so how long have
you worked there for?
I worked there for 5 years

Did you enjoy the boombrang and how do you get to know the people who
came there?
I loved every minute of it and found it challenging. I have always had
a love of people.

WE had a lot of country people who used to come and stay


You must have had a very good life working at the boomerang because it
gave you the opportunity to meet lots of different people
Yes we used to have politicians and the media and we had weddings,
parties and cabarets. People came and stayed at race time. There was a
great variety of people. It was the first hotel to have live music and
an ice making machine.

Brendn I'm  asking a question .

Irie was the boomerang the main hotel

at that time ,


Irie has just said yes it was a motor hotel, the first
motor hotel , hotel motel in the district 


back to you brendon

It was in an area where there was a lot of racing and racking tracks

Tell Irie that I have been to the boomerang and it had changed much
since you worked there and it is a very nice place.

Wanda has asked if it was tough being a woman
It was hard for me as I was the first woman licensee

What is the reason why you were the first woman to have a license?
The major share holder of the syndicate who owned it became ill and
went to Greenslopes for 3 months. I got it by good luck as they had no
choice but to give it to me. There were 2 couples before who managed
the house and bar. I took the role of both and when the shareholder
returned I had the license and was running the pub on my own. If the
men were fighting in the bar I would get an ice bucket and throw it in
the middle of the floor. Everyone would start laughing and it would
break up the fight.

Oooooooh my god! That would have been stupid for the men to fight in the bar!
Would you like a sandwich? They look very nice
Yes one would be good

So Irie was your future husband one of those people in the bar ,


yes, he was one of the peole who would come down from station ex more
station whcih is Nebo district. ,


he must have been special amongst
all those others.


Yes he was

So do you enjoy meeting the drivers who come down form stations to the
boomerang and what did they do to keep yuou busy?
THey were at the bar drinking a lot and also eating lots. They enjoyed
seeing people

You must have had a busy life at the boomerang because I know all the
drivers enjoy having company while working up and down the country
with cattle...
David was the owner of a cattle station.(That is Irie's husband)
They are very beautiful rings which Irie still wear in remembrance of
her husband

Irie's husband also lives here at the nursing home but he is in the
high care section.
Would you like to ask Irie about her life in Nebo

So how did you enjoy living in Nebo and what is your favorite part?

Irie is joust talking about her husband and when she goes to visit him

I think the funniest part was when the power was connected in Nebo
they didn't have enough connections. They asked David to assist
and he received 2 dollars per day. I got a puppy and David told me I
couldn't have him in the house. David ordered a dog's kennel and when
it arrived it had a sign that said "David's house". THERE ere 3
workers and one was disabled. I put a radiator outside the kennel and
I also had one in the toilet so we didn't have to sit on a cold seat.
When I got the electricity bill it was very high because I had so many
radiators. So David let the dog come inside and he slept beside us..
So much for the dog staying outside!1

That is a very funny story about having the dog sleep with you all! Lol

When we finally built a new house 8 years later. The dog was old by
then and he was incontinent so we used to put plastic and newspaper in
the house so the dog could stay inside. David forgot about saying the
dog wasn't allowed inside!

It would have been smelly if the dog stayed inside the house
Irie has had a lot to do with many organisations. She was involved in
St Margarets church at Nebo. She was very supportive.


When there was
no accomodation in Nebo town we would have people come and stay with

Do you enjoy working at st Margaret church and how do you help the
people who come to stay with you?
We had people for meals at the church. We had shared fellowship
services and we had a lot of people come from Mackay. It was country

Wanda is asking  Irie we are keen to maybe include something about the
Nebo hall in our play can you tell us a few good memories aobut dances
and events that used to take part in the hall.
We had lunches,cabarets and weddings. The Cwa ladies who waited the
tables and the husbands served at the bar. There were annual Cwa
lunches. We had fashion parades and dances and people would come from


I think it would be itneresting for the people of Nebo to come and see
our play reacting the story of driving and how they had lived back in
the 1920-50's as well as I think it would give the town a feeling
about what our play can be basically based on the story as I have
performed in different plays.

Wie is just talking to her friend
WANDA says ask one more question and we will leave soon as it is
almost lunchtime

Okay I would like to thank you for the interview and I am glad to have
the opportunity to meet you Irie.

Hey brendon Irie is up for one last questions, so , OK  brendon Irie
is actually wanting to ask you a question ! Ha ha She is wwanting to
know how you would describe Irie, form our chat this morning
Ok tell me what you describe yourself so I can picture wha tyou look like

Irie said you are passing the buck! Alisha will describe her
This is ellissa as impression of Irie. She is a very special lady.
Irie is very honest, trustworthy, supportive and one in a million as
friend and such one of Ka kind. Nebo has been extremely fortunate to
have3 had her at the helm of many of our organisations. Have so music
has deselect and time for this special lady. A true friend.
I think Irie is a very beautiful and gorgeous lady because she has a
good personality which describes ehr as one of the most honest sldies
in Australia
To thanks for the interview and I shall return to visit you in the future




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