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Historical Nebo

Nebo is a historical pastoral town founded in

1865 which was the time English explorers and squatters

started to colonize Australia.

My favourite places in Nebo were the old wooden hut and the vintage truck

which were part of history.



the houses




farm truck




fire truck



I also enjoyed learning about the historical times

of people and how they had lived dating back to the

18th and 19th century.


meat cache



I interviewed Pam Huttley about her life

on the cattle station and how she had lived through

her childhood which was very interesting.



brenden and pam and chris


I also visited

the old town hall where they had performances and presentations. 




Take One









Creative Development

White Angel Development



Creative Development from gypsykatladeh on Vimeo.

Character development of Brenden Borellini's white angel from his story The Magical Kingdom
Filmed: Dougal Mclauchlan
Costume/Styling: Brenden Borellini
Artwork on Wall: Matthew Deane




Melina, Dougal and I did some discussion about photography and how to take some photos around the gardens outside the MECC.

We went for a walk from crossroad arts to the gardens where I took some more photos of the fountain, council buildings, trees and some other places which are imaginary places in the story of the magical realm.


brenden blog fountain


When Dougal left for Moranbah, I did some drawing of the magical kingdom on a large frame by putting in some different colourful places such as stars, clouds, people, castle and the fountain which represents each of these in the story.




brenden horse magical kingdonWhile I was doing the drawing of the kingdom, Melina took some photos of these to be put up on the blog.

    We talked about how interesting the drawing looked like because I had the talent of imagining any      things from my dreams and then I wrote up some details of the story and then I turned my attention to my work schedule...



 The Magical Kingdom    

magical kingdoooom

























Last week while Dougal was away, we chatted about the details of the angels and I described all the characters in detail such as their looks, outfits etc.

Then we went down to the café for a quick coffee and chat.

I had a bit of trouble with my iPhone by trying to free it up.

Melina and I had a bit of a chat while having our coffee..


brenden blog 1



Then we went back to Crossroad Arts and entered the op shop where we selected some outfits for me to try on as I had described in the story. 


When we returned to the hall, we settled down to making the two wings by cutting some paper and sticking them on to the sticks which would look like angelic wings.

I thought they looked beautiful and when Autumn returned, we took some photos of the wings to be sent to Steve and the blog...



white angel wingsbrenden with wings



I then did my work by reflecting on what I have done today because it was a bit difficult for Melina and me to do due to Dougal being absent...


brenden completed wings


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