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  My work at Crossroad Arts was practical

with some discussions about ways to rehearse for the

Nebo performance. The group practiced their roles

based on the history of people with disabilities. I

looked up some information by reading through them about

making a lesson plan and saving them for the








I discussed doing some photography for the

japanese trip in any version of digital or

3d printing. I also explained about the perkins

brailler and translating braille. After the warm up, we

practised in guiding the others around the room while

being blindfolded and taking photos. I then led the

way outside to the front doors of Westpac

Bank where we took shots of the different plants

and people walking along the street. 



                Conference and Performance

  The conference at the Mecc went well with my

opportunity to meet many different school

teachers from around Mackay and its surroundings. I

collect the notes from them with their inclusion of

work. The most interesting teacher was Trish who

knew the sign language because she had visited

Bluecare and had a chat with me back in

early February 2016. During the time, I

took some photos of the performers doing their  show in

front of the tower wrapped in colourful wool and

the sculpture with some written signs on the

floor. The audience felt a little confronted about the

way I handled the camera due to my disability and

they were all impressed with my photography



Piaf and Me

Work Blog

  I discussed the work of photography and

displaying some photos for the performance. The art of

printing these out in tactile images through an

application called P.I.A.F "Pictures

in a flash" that could be made accessible for blind and

visually impaired people to touch the raised

diagrams. While I was doing my office

duties, I met Cynthia who was one of the

artists visiting Crossroad Arts. I also

downloaded the pdf format of the manual to learn

the instructions about the basic operation of the

tactile image maker. I also was shown the

printout of my face while taking notes on

operating the machine and using special capsule

paper in develop any different types of



Brenden's Work


Work Blog

  Today went smoothly with my work including some

office duties for me to do. We discussed some

things which had to be done for work as well as we

sorted out the things such as going to Porters where we

got some new light bulbs for Crossroad arts.

  We tried to find the 3d printing machine and

found out that it was locked in the studio so I reminded

the others to tell Steve about that because we needed to

use the machine to develop 3d images of the


  We also checked all the photos on the

computer while moving them all from the SD reader

to  the computer via a folder called

Brenden Pics. We had to delete

some unwanted duplicates which did not look

really good. Then after lunch, I managed to

move the webpage to the crossroads folder for




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