What We Do

Crossroad Arts collaboratively develops opportunities for people who experience a disability and those in aged care, to access and participate in the arts. By collaborating, an environment is created where people with a disability and those in aged care have a powerful voice and work with us in the creation and direction of their art.


A diverse range of partner organisations work with us actively in developing these opportunities.


While access encompasses a whole range of factors in the disability community, our energies and values are focused on developing access to the tools and resources of art making.


Crossroad Arts has an established reputation for creating some of the best theatre and multi art events in Australia with people who experience a disability. Our organisation remains a critical part of the arts and cultural infrastructure of the Central and Western, Queensland region.


Our fresh approach to collaborative art and theatre making, by partnering with a diverse cross section of arts and non arts organisations, is evidenced by a string of local and international awards.


At the very core of the company’s ethos is the creative process of art making. It is the driving force of the community arts and cultural development program and the essential reason for the company’s success. We make art with communities.


Our innovative and imaginative process is the glue that binds all the social and cultural benefits that spring out of our company’s programs. Our communities want to work with us because we listen, include, organize, innovate, share resources and democratize. And we deliver. Our regional locality also provides direct access to our communities and more importantly gives them direct access to us.