Matthew Deane's Album: James




Matthew and I have moved away from the large-scale painting performance art pieces and have started exploring GarageBand. Matthew has been using this program to complete soundtracks for the footage captured of his performance art.

Matthew Deane loves to play music; electric drum pads, guitar, ukulele and singing. When we first started workshopping together, we focused on vocal exercises. Meeting each other in the middle of the sound with eclectic harmonies and explorative sound/movements; AHHH, OHF, UM, EH, OOH, HA, BUP, BEH etc.



We would swing paint from the ceiling in a yoghurt tub or take stimulus from the main street in the CBD, film it, download the footage and then respond musically to the content.



We worked with these parameters:

What sounds can we make outside of traditional music composition?

How do we describe the art work we are responding to in an abstract way with sound?

What does the piece mean for us as artists?

How are we connecting with the outside world?


These concepts were realized in Matthew’s first film; Water.

He set up the recording device and made the entire sound track live to the film.

He would take the single recordings, put them into GarageBand and layer them until the piece felt complete.



Matthew Deane is a prolific artist in a diverse range of mediums.

He completed the film Water, including soundtrack, within the two hours of workshop time we had had that day.



We then focused on the performance art perspective.

There are reference photos on this blog, Matthew Deane’s blog, the programs section of this website and additional documentation from Matthew Brooker on vimeo.

This area was fun and felt on the fringe for us: exciting and a little dare devil; Matthew was shooting litres of paint onto a plastic screen or punching a wall with huge sponges of paint 500 times. He chose the tunes in the background of his performance pieces.

It was lighthearted and motivated.

His energy is far reaching and by the end of the workshop everyone was feeling spirited by the experience.



We spend about half an hour a fortnight looking at new art movements or works that are inspiring.

Matthew Deane also prints out documentation of his current works and puts them up on the wall;

two walls of the studio are currently covered in research and photos of concepts that have championed.



The soundtracks from Matthew Deane’s new album he is working on; James, have been created by samples from GarageBand.

Matthew works intuitively on these; choosing samples he thinks work and mixing recordings of his own.

It has been nice to utilize an accessible audio editing program like this, as Mattie has an iPad at home and can continue to create new works.


Music and art have been a meeting place for Matthew D and I in terms of language.

We understand each other better in this medium; responding and collaborating has been amazing.

I really admire his determination to continue to make art and to take up new challenges and ideas with enthusiasm.



His choices in the music editing process were left field and interesting; he fused sounds and concepts together that I would not have considered.

Matthew B, Dougal and myself have had some great afternoons where we are listening back to his first cuts and dancing.


Dougal and Matthew D have also worked on movement in one of the pieces.

It seems like Matthew D’s art is one of layers; the first piece is presented then Matthew responds again to it.

Like the photographs of the street he took in August became the canvas for the swinging paint.

The footage of him shooting paint onto the huge plastic screen became the stimulus for one of his music tracks.

His music becomes the audio instructing the movement piece etc.


Dougal and Matthew D already have a commanding stage presence and mutual respect in collaboration.

Watching them both create another level of art together continued to prove that these art making tools are authentic methods of inclusivity and empowerment for the artist.



Last Thursday, Matthew D and I began looking at album art and book covers.

We printed out the images we liked and photographs Mattie had taken of his artwork; and chose a portrait of ourselves that we liked.

We began to collage crazy.

Matthew designed his new album art and we shall get to limited release distribution ASAP.

Keep an eye out for the album James.

Below are some photos of Matthew’s process





Research and Documentation


Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.36.32 am


Matthew Deane Editing and Composing some of his tracks from his new album: James


Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.37.02 am



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