30th September 2016

Work Blog

  Today started off with the 15-20 minutes warm up

which we did some activities such as mirrors, stretching and breathing. I showed my students the art of clapping hands, tapping our feet and mirror work.  We chatted for a bit while waiting for Dance North which would be doing osme dancing and movement. When we got ready to greet the visitors, I met Suzie and Andrea who were the instructors form Dance North. We did some movements which were fun such as massage, stretching and rubbing our bodies to relax.  I then partnered up with Suzie who showed me how to do a dance movement which I have never tried before but it was fun learning some new moves form the ladies who were talented dancers.

  I concentrated on Suzie guding me around the room while we did a dance which started and stopped through the change of music. I knew it was very easy to feel the lady's hands and body while following her moves.

  When the dance north workshop ended, we took a photo of our group which would be remembered and placed on the blog for Crossroad Arts.