23rd September

Work Reflection for today

  Today got off this morning with Melina, dougal and Autumn discussing the trip to Nebo and ways of getting it done..  Autumn told me that I was going to work on my angel portrait and I also brought my little angle statue to show everyone who thought it was very cute.. 

  Dougal and I then started to work out the solution of getting Gmail working on my phone for sending/receiving emails as well as sending notes directly to the work computer. I explained to Dougal that there was a webpage called www.gmail.com which can be accessed through the computer and the internet.. We also moved to the computer and I had to fill out the form which gave me the time to set up my Gmail address. It worked out successfully when I sent an email to autumn and I also received an email in return. We all cheered and danced because we made a huge success.. 

  After lunch, I changed from my casual clothes to the white angel outfit which made me look very cute. Dougal took some photos of me which can be shown on Matthew Dean's mural which will be shown to the public.  While the camera battery was charging, we uploaded some photos of my angel on to the computer and checked them to make sure they re all on the blog...