Performance Art Research

As we approach closer and closer to Matthew Deane's adventure in Japan with Crossroad Arts (November), we have been looking at performance art history and how we can reinterpret the medium.

What are new and innovative ways to express the paint physically?

How do we continue to evolve the process?

What is the best way to capture Mattie D's amazing determination and approach to the canvas?

His energy bounces off the wall literally. 


We decided to take a look at those who have created physical performance art pieces.

Here are some artists that have pushed the boundary and moved the paint to describe expression in exciting ways.


Kazuo Shiraga - His feet paintings with ink and paint in the fifties led to an artistic movement called Gutai

Georges Mathieu - his aggressive mark making captured abstract energy on canvas

Olivier De Sagazan - a modern performance artist utilising film to capture and share on a large scale his works. They are often sardonic reflections of Capitalism and how it affects the society/working class that greases its wheels. His arguably most famous performance "Office Man" was featured in the beautiful film Samsara.




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