WILLOW 21/09/2016

Colour, vivacious materials, glitterz and bright explosions of fun are favourite elements of mine when choosing what to wear every morning.

So when Doogz suggested to bring the face paints to Willow my excitement barometer went nuts!

We made an invitation to the residents to paint our hands and arms.

Body Painting is a beautiful exchange; you get the physical connection of holding someone's hand...it is peaceful and imaginative, the results are instant and require concentration to execute.

Ray and Robyn turned us into walking canvas.

On the street when we were taking our lunch, many people asked "Where have you guys been?"

Surprise in their eyes when we replied "Homefield Aged Care Centre at the Memory Unit. The residents of Willow painted our arms."

We are still passionate about including our elders in mainstream life; even passing conversation about aged care stirs up stories from folk.

Everybody has some connection with our elders.

It is nice to be a part of these workshops and to share the beauty and interesting elements with those who may not have spent much time in aged care facilities. 

I think everyone should visit a resident once a month - spend time with them and listen to their stories. 

Or get a free make over. 

Have a good one guys!



willow painting