Young Emerging Artists

The Fight Pt 1 from gypsykatladeh on Vimeo.

Matthew Deane multi medium performance artist at Crossroad Arts
This is his work titled "The Fight"




 Collaboration is the Key


Paint from Matthew Brooker on Vimeo.

Film by Matthew Brooker
Music by Matthew Deane





Matthew Brooker

Engaged Artist of Crossroad Arts since 2008


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Mediums: Photography, Film, Theatre Performance



Matthew Brooker has been a part of the Crossroad Arts creative program since 2008 where he performed and attended workshops for RedBag (see 2008 program page on Website). Since then he has continued his development in creative arts in several performances and multi arts projectsIn 2010 Crossroad Arts was awarded the International Community Leadership Award by ANCA for the excellent work with young people with Autism. Matthew Brooker travelled to Vancouver, Canada with Crossroad Arts President and Speech pathologist Tammie Cunnigham (of 2010) to collect the award on behalf of Crossroad Arts. 


Recent performance, Letters on Gordon Street, featured the letters of Matthew Brooker's grandfather during his time away to serve in WWII. 



Currently Matthew Brooker is creating a documentary of the Trails group as they develop a performance piece for October 2016. Matthew is using an ipad to film and edit the data; a clever and mobile use of modern technology. He has also recorded music in collaboration with artsworker Autumn Skuthorpe and aims to produce short films weekly.




In addition to the Trails documentary he has also been filming Matthew Deane's (see below) arts process. These works will be valuable resources for Crossroad Arts and wider audiences as they celebrate and document the development process of inclusive community arts. 



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Bird and Snake from Matthew Brooker on Vimeo.

Bird and Snake



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Matthew Deane

Engaged Artist of Crossroad Arts since 2011

Matthew Deane Arts


Mediums: Visual Arts, Theatre Performance, Puppetry, Music, Film and Photography


Matthew Deane has worked with Crossroad Arts for the last five years in multiple capacities. He has also travelled with the company to roll out collaborative performances in Japan.

Currently Matthew Deane is an artist engaged in the Crossroad Arts Young Emerging Artist Program.


Focusing on the Confusion Inclusion project with Japanese partners Pop-Eye in Nagoya (culminating November-December 2016),

Matthew Deane has been taking photographs exploring the concept of confusion and chaos of the outside world and the intuitive manner of art making. Art overrides all barriers and allows an artist to communicate with the world around them.


Each week a new theme is decided by Matthew for the content of the photographs. These images are then printed out and Matthew reimagines the work with layers of paint. From this artsworker Autumn Skuthorpe and Matthew Deane create sound scapes/sound tracks to accompany the images.


As the program has evolved, Matthew Deane has moved towards film and performance art. The films allow a live time improvisation tool. Matthew and Autumn respond to these moving artworks by recording and developing new audio works. Matthew's photographs have already been included in the Crossroad Arts film for the Confusion Inclusion collaboration. 


Below are photographs of Matthew Deane's creative development process and films of his completed works.


mattie musicaaam8

Developing a soundtrack, L-R: Matthew Deane, Dougal Mclauchlan and Autumn Skuthorpe





Matthew Deane Paint Performance Art

md website 1md website 2md paint 3


Matthew paints a performance using a suspended carton with a hole in the bottom. The paint flies and spills in random pattern. Matthew Brooker films on the left hand side shots of Matthew D performing and the movement of the paint. Artsworker Dougal is audience to the happening. Matthew will continue to layer this canvas over the coming weeks. The film of the paint will be used as stimulus for Matthew Deane and artsworker Autumn Skuthorpe to record new audio works. The goal is to have multiple music video clips responding to Water, Paint, Inclusion and Art as a medium for all.




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Matthew Deane, Artist and Musician of Crossroad Arts