The team of 5 artists from Crossroad Arts are in residency at Homefield Aged Care Facility 6 days a week from Monday through to Saturday from July

through to November 2014. There are several different artforms and techniques explored during the residency, including weaving, sculpture, collage, photography,singing and timeslips. poetry, singing, creative movement, 

  yarn 1 sari yarn              Yarn1




In Homer's  Odyssey, Penelope's story is about loyalty. For 20 years the wife of Odysseus waited for his return. To fend off the advances of suitors

she cunningly wove a shroud during the day promising them that she would take a husband when she had completed the shroud. At night she unpicked

it and began again the next day. This is a tale about loyalty, cunning and buying time.

At Homefield, weaver artist Pam Hutley teaches residents the Japanese art of Saori weaving as they collaborate on a giant woven banner. The banner 

will be handed on to residents in Gladstone, Biloela and Dysart to continue the process before it arrives back at Homefield to form part of the installation

and also the set design for the play Finding Ithaka.