Staring Back

Staring Back
Gazing, peeping, inspecting and scanning are different ways we look at things. But staring is a step further. It involves a more intenseform of seeing. 
A group of artists from Crossroad Arts take this idea further. They use art to stare back at a world that has always stared at them. Brenden Borellini is currently learning the mechanics of photography and preparing for the upcoming Staring Back project.

Australian Broadcasting Commission producer Daniel Battley has made a documentary on Brenden Borellini's photographic project at Crossroad Arts. Over the past 5 months deaf/blind emerging artist Brenden Borellini has been developing his skills at Crossroad Arts in photography. Thanks to the efforts of Lyn Eagers from Vision Australia and Kerrliee Hall from Quantum, Brenden has now used a new PIAFF tactile enhancer to analyse his photos.
Watch the film below to better understand the process behind Brendans works:


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IMG 3009         IMG 2995            IMG 2987 2                      IMG 2990
Volunteer Sarah Rotolone being photographed by Brenden Borellini outside of Parish Hall.       Brenden experimenting with different shot angles and shot sizes.        Volunteer Yuma and Sarah viewing photographs taken by Brenden and providing feedback and descriptions of the photos.        Brenden Borellini working at Crossroad Arts photographing Kyla Ranger while attempting to capture various emotions.
 DSC 4402       DSC 4421        DSC 4327       DSC 4371 
         The team involved in the Project. Volunteer Bridgett Abbey and Yuma, Admin Assistant/Arts Worker Kyla Ranger, Steve Mayer-Miller Artistic Director/CEO and Photographer Brenden Borellini.        Volunteer Yuma        
 DSC 4334 2       DSC 4312 2                 
 Brenden taking the first photos of the day and talking about the landscape with Kyla Ranger.        Kyla Ranger viewing the images and providing feedback to Brenden.                



  DSC 6016 2 - Version 2 copy            IMG 8966         DSC 6020          IMG 8713      
   IMG 8876 copy            IMG 8944         IMG 8970 copy          IMG 8974