Intergenerational Arts Program


A multi arts community program that creates links between young people,
people with and without a disability and elderly people to engage with their community. 

Artists from Crossroad Arts run programs/workshops in regional schools,

homes and the community, in the creation of music, visual art, drama, film/photography and dance.

These workshops culminate in a public arts event at CQU Conservatorium on June 28th and 29th.

The key to the success of the program is bringing all of the different groups together during the

course of the program.



In Mackay we have teamed up with ABC Open producer, Dan Battley to run a series of skilled

based workshops at Crossroad Arts in using mobile phones, ipads, sound recorders and cameras,

to interview and document short stories on the lives of elderly people at Homefield Aged Care.



IMG 0245

    IMG 0244       IMG 0265       IMG 7088  
  Experimenting with different framing strategies.
With Matthew Brooker and Dan Battley.
    Looking at light       Testing camera compositions while interviewing Steve Mayer-Miller.        Discussing the interviewing process.  
   IMG 7117      IMG 7090        DSC 4456 2       DSC 4472 2  
  Mathew Brooker interviewing Kyla Ranger      Discussing the editing process       Uploading a film by Matthew Brooker onto ABC Open.        Viewing Mathew Brooker's film on ABC Open  



Workshops Run at Crossroad Arts

Crossroad Arts run a number of skill based workshops in dance, singing and visual arts. These workshops are are 1 hour per week and currently have participants from Endevour and BlueCare working together in workshops run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.



 Visual Arts Workshops run by Wanda Bennett                                
IMG 9086       IMG 9087      IMG 7647 2        IMG 7653 3           
 Music and Dance Workshops                                
IMG 7449       IMG 7444      IMG 7377        IMG 3361          
Indian Dancing Workshops run by Simmi Dipanwita Das                                 
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