Disability Arts

Outreach are programs run outside of the Crossroad Arts studio.

These include multi-art workshops at Blue Care Respite Centre, Ozcare, Moranbah, Cairns, Rockhampton and India.

The Outreach program is modelled in two parts.


1.  Crossroad Arts workshops specialising in film, photography, visual arts, music and dance.

2.  Follow up webinar conferencing to further collaborate.


The webinar provides access to Crossroad Arts programs regardless of our participants' locality.





Autumn Skuthorpe shows Bluecare participants how to make a zine.


The group discuss techniques on how to get started.


Some participants use photographs as inspiration, others prefer to illustrate a story about the things they love.


Zine 1




Once the folding technique is mastered by the Bluecare participants, everyone begins working on their zines.


Josh is showing Autumn his Elvis Presley biography zine. 


zine 3


Two days later...


Crossroad Arts and Blue Care participants catch up online.


Autumn is able to see their work and brain storm further ideas with the group.


Crossroad Arts and Blue Care participants work together using webinar conferencing to connect, exchange and collaborate.









Josh is able to show the progress of his zine.



Autumn can upload photographs of other zines as examples of where his work can go to next.


The participants will continue to develop their zines and collaborate with Autumn via the webinar conferencing.


All resources and instructions are uploaded to the Crossroad Arts website for future reference.



zine 4



Bluecare Participants Zines




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Scan 60-1 dragged resize


Scan 58


Scan 68













How to make a simple zine


Need: A4 paper, Scissors

Scan 36 copy 


Scan 37 copy