Road Through The Woods

The Extra Mile is a project aligned with Crossroad Art’s Road through the Woods program.


With support from Rio Tinto, Arts Qld, Mackay Regional Council and The Australia Council for the Arts.  Crossroad Arts has partnered with Bluecare to roll out a series of multi art workshops, in visual art, photography, drama role play, storytelling and theatre.  The primary focus of the program is to engage people in the elderly community in meaningful creative activities for the purpose of enhancing their intellectual, emotional and creative quality of life.

The program followed a series of meetings with Bluecare in 2012 and began with a pilot project at Homefield Agedcare in March 2013 with residents in the Memory Support Area.

The program has already created a strong body of work that will culminate in a series of on-line and public exhibitions.  The bags and cards will be sold at Crossroad Arts new artshop which will open in October.


The success of the 2013 pilot project has led to the Australia Council for the Arts through Community Partnerships to fund an expansion of the program in 2014 in the Mackay and the Isaac Regions.  The Beyond Boundaries program will include schools and aged care centres coming together in an intergenerational celebration of creativity in the arts.


Program Rationale



the Extra Mile






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Young Intern Artist Rosie Fyvie collects

stories from residents in the memory

support area to be published online

audio transcripts and e-books.


Rosie Fyvie role plays with residents

in the creation of the story

Jackie and Beanstalk.


Residents dress up for the playing out of the story. 


IMG 6482


IMG 6488 2



IMG 6504


IMG 8005

Crossroad Arts Abiramimi Venkata

Balasubramanian teaches Maureen

how to play the ukulele.


 Maureen gets into the swing.


 Artist Tracey Heathwood facilitates

a Postcard painting workshop

at Homefield Aged Care.


IMG 8073

IMG 8109 


IMG 8239


IMG 8275 

 Diversional Therapist Kaidence New

assists resident Beryl paint

the flowers from her old garden

in Marianne.


Kaidence assists resident Mel

in applying the water-colours.


Artwork created at Bluecare

Respite Centre by participant Steven. 


 Maureen Costello recollects

her days in England picnicking

with her family.


IMG 8247


IMG 8258 


IMG 8259 


IMG 8265 

Merle Fitzgerald writes memories

of her husband Alf. 

Joyce Smallhorn inscribes a memory

of climbing the tree in her backyard

at Bridge Road with her son.

Beryl Pietzner recalls memories

of her flower garden and

her husband's vegetable garden. 

 Claire Townson writes the memory of

her younger sister and her neighbour,

'Mr Mitche', and his delicious mandarins.




Kings and Queens For a Day - Print-making Crowns at Homefield


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Elfieda Mayer and her childhood Memories of Vienna



DSC 1040


Blackmarket Tobacco




Stealing the Swastika


stealing swastika















Grandmother refuses to say heil Hitler




Elfie and the Air Raid Shelters


images 8


Elfieda Mayer (2nd back right) at school

in Vienna 1938

IMG 2002











Robert Jefferey


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