Creative Disaster Recovery

Rockhampton Flood Project



When a community is experiencing or has just experienced a natural disaster the arts have an important role to play in contributing to the ongoing healing and recovery process of individuals and communities.  Timing and context it seems are everything. 

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Crossroad Arts have been directly involved in two creative disaster recovery efforts.  In 2008 during the flood disaster in Mackay Crossroad Arts worked with several famillies in telling their story.  The outcome was a documentary film which opened at Artspace in 2009.

When Rockhampton was hit by the 2011 flood Crossroad Arts was invited by Rockhampton Regional Council to work with residents and local artists over a week at the Walter Reid Centre to create a series of short films, interviews and artworks.  Crossroad Arts played another valuable leadership role in help to build infrastructure / training amongst the art workers there to initiate their own projects on creative recovery in the future.

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Art plays a valuable role in strengthening the resilience of communities during times of natural disaster.