Creative Dance


Crossroad Arts has conducted dance, visual art, music and theatre workshops at Bluecare Respite Centre over the past 3 years. 
Bluecare participants have exercised confidence building activities by orchestrating DIY music. There has been a strong focus on using unconventional objects as percussive instruments. Using a cardboard box and motif beats, the group created a percussive  piece. Elements have later been used in Crossroad Art performances.
New technologies were also explored with ipad and iphone apps. Participants were then able to create music without limitations. The group expressed a desire to explore theatre techniques through story telling. Incorporating the percussive music, cardboard boxes, the iphone, ipad and movement, the participants produced tableaus individually and as a whole group.


  creative dance4       creative dance 3       creative dance 2
  Sammi, Rosie and Christie doing contact dance        Creative Dance workshop at Bluecare       Making use of a wheelchair for dance purposes
  DSC 9858       DSC 9864       DSC 9872 2
  Lincoln and Tina working together to puppeteer the bamboo flyng bird       Workshop with Puppets      

Rosie, Christie, Sammi, Natasha, Lincoln and Tina working toward refining the movements of the puppets

  IMG 5852                
  Lincoln, Rosie and Natasha puppeteering the grandparent puppets