Cherish is a multi arts performance project that brings a diverse range of people from Mackay together to explore how values play an integral role in the life of a community.


Partcipants explore the things that they love and cherish in film, dance, music, story telling, printmaking and visual arts. 

Blue Care, the Small Miracles ensemble, Rail, Ozcare and a range of artists from the community are collaborating together for a performance on December 14th.


The performance is a culmination of the workshops led by Crossroad Arts.

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doogz ricky







dougal and brendan chersih


tristan and_brenden




cherish 2



cherish 4


sam and_pam



Cherish Lincoln

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 Cherish Rehearsals and Planning


Cherish 6


Natasha tomlinson (right) brainstorms with Autumn Skuthorpe her initial concept for the 'Nest' performance.




Cherish 5


Natasha Tomlinson discusses the motive movements and percussion for the bird sequences.




Cherish 2


Rehearsals for the performance take place in the Parish gardens.  The nest is beginning to take shape.  Local Artists, Wanda Bennett, Carol Forbes and Pam Hutley have created beautiful works with the Small Miracles Ensemble.



Cherish 1


Matthew Brooker works on the nest with Dougal McLauchlan.




Cherish 3


Sam Miller and Kathryn Knoll rehearse a dance sequence.



Cherish 7


Matthew Brooker works with weaving artist Wanda Bennett.


Cherish 8


Dancing rehearsals with Danielle Gervais.




Cherish 9


Our bird emerges from the nest.




Arc Drummers 1


Steve Mayer-Miller met with Velvet Eldred from the Cairns ARC Drumming group on a recent visit.  Their percussion performance was powerful and impressive.


Steve was lucky enough to catch a rehearsal and asked the Cairns ARC Drumming Group if there was some way they could be involved with our Nest performance. A recording of the Cairns ARC Drumming group will open our final performance for the year, The Nest.




Arc Drummers3


Cairns ARC Drumming group participants.



Arc Drummers 2


Thank You Cairns ARC Drumming group!

See you in 2013!


Cherish Performance

Friday, 14th of December 2012

Parish Gardens


Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 12.26.56 PM




Dec 4th 2012


Bluecare participants take photographs during a zine workshop, as part of our Outreach program.









Bluecare 1








Bluecare 3


Dec 1st 2012


Crossroad Arts held a special preview event showcasing  OzCare participants' beautiful cyanotypes.  This exhibition is in preparation for The Nest performance on the 14th of December.


cherish ozcare exhibition







cherish ozcare