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Crossroad Arts, Steve Mayer Miller (Artistic Director) and Tracey Heathwood (Associate Director) recently met with members of the Moranbah community and the Isaac Council; Councillor Kelly Vea Vea, Corey Doran (Place Officer) and Joanne Andrews (Head of Department, Moranbah State High School).



This meeting was held to further develop a Moranbah Disability Arts Program for 2013.



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Zines are typically inexpensive, hand made paper publications that can be easily photocopied and distributed.  The content of a zine is determined by the writer/artist.

They can be stapled or taped together, some will be sewn or folded in a particular way.  Click here to see a simple zine template that only requires a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.  Zines are a great way to get a message across.  Many popular examples cover photography, illustration, music, social issues, poetry or creative writing.



BMA Moranbah Workshop  - Sept 14 - 15.

Theatre and zine workshops with Moranbah State High School students.

Through theatre workshops led by Steve Mayer-Miller students were taught story telling techniques.

These stories were then realised in tableaus and small DIY paper works called zines.

The students have formed their own zine collective called The Underground and distribute their works locally.


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Autumn Skuthorpe presents some of Crossroad Arts zine collection and talks about brief zine history.



Moranbah students and teachers re-enact a tableau inspired by stories from the group.



The students begin to create their own zines and a collective is started.  The Underground photocopied and editioned their zines before distributing them through out Moranbah.

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